General Freight (LTL)

What is LTL?

Less Than Truck-Load (LTL) next day dependable delivery makes your life easier!  You package it up, we’ll ship it for you.  General freight is anything ready for pick-up or delivery.

What do we ship?

Small boxes, cooler goods, frozen goods, palletized products, wrapped skids, tubes, pipe, plywood, lumber, motorcycles, lawn tractors, beer, boxed household furniture, grocery items, appliances, electrical products, and much, much more!  Click Products We Deliver for an overview of some of the products we deliver.

How do we ship?

  • Trailers: dry vans, refrigerator vans, flat decks, step decks, Super B train flat decks, container chassis
  • Trucks: tractors – single and tandem axle, P&D trucks – dry and refrigerated

How often do we ship?

Next day delivery at your service.  In order to guarantee next day service to water-locked communities our vehicles actually operate 24-hours a day.

What is the process?

It’s simple!  Call, email or complete our online form to request a pick-up.  Chat with us or request a quote online.  Our Live Customer Service team is here for you 5 days a week from 7am to 5pm.  Our 24-hour dispatch is available after hours and on weekends.  We’re here to work with you to get’er done!

Performance is our responsibility.

We stand by our word. We are here to meet your needs. Our trucks and containers move freight overnight. We provide next day delivery, and if something doesn’t arrive in the same condition as when it was picked up, we make it right. ‘Performance is our responsibility’ is our commitment to provide the best customer service possible.

Why ship with City Transfer?

For Your Company/Business:
We understand that shipping freight is a part of your business.  Our reliability and performance allows your business to keep lower inventories. We know that timing and flexibility helps you to manage your clients and your bottom line.  Call us, email us, chat with us.  Let us know what your needs are.  We are here to help and share in your success.  Let’s make it happen!

For Your Personal Shipping Needs:
A customer service representative is here to help you ship anything from your sofa or mattress to your stove or refrigerator.  Did you just buy a motorcycle from Craig’s List?  We’ll pick it up and deliver it to your doorstep.  Give us a call today, we have the solutions for you and we aim to please!

Do you ship hazardous or dangerous goods?

Definitely!  A dedicated, essential service, we specialize in receiving and off-loading gasoline tankers and worry-free shipment of your hazardous and dangerous goods including chemicals, propane, pesticides, explosives, oxygen/acetylene, waste products, biomedical items, oil, transformers, acids, dyes, caustics and more.  Each product is identified as a dangerous good and appropriate paperwork accompanies the transfer.  All loads are placarded accordingly.   All City Transfer drivers and barge loaders are Dangerous Goods certified as proper identification and placarding is the law. We offer overnight, scheduled delivery of any type of dangerous good.

What about offloading hazardous waste?  What special waste capabilities does City Transfer have?

No problem.  City Transfer is authorized to offload special waste materials (including acids, biosolids and chemicals).  Our drivers have received specialized training to discharge gas tankers and hazardous waste at points of delivery.  We do the offloading for you and are pleased to be able to offer this value-added service.