Fuel Surcharge Update

Fuel Surcharge for this month is: 0%

In order to be as transparent as possible to our customers, City Transfer has absorbed the fuel charge into our current rate structure and fuel will be calculated at 0%.

Fuel surcharges were originally introduced by the government to protect the transportation industry in response to the OPEC fuel price spikes.  However, presently there is no regulatory body governing the calculations for a fuel surcharge, and surcharges have become a part of the cost of doing business.  With customer service top-of-mind, our hope is that this amalgamation will provide for ease of invoicing and transparency in our rate structure.

Our fuel benchmark (to be introduced at 0%), is based on the Canadian Domestic Fuel Calculation of an October 3rd, 2016, 78.9 cent litre of diesel.  This equates to zero fuel surcharge.