Barge Specifications

Purchased November 2012, the service of two new well-designed, robustly constructed barges is an exciting addition to our schedule.  These sister ships were built in the same yard in a production sequence.  They were transported to Canada as deck cargoes on larger barges built in the same shipyard.  The lifting arrangements for launching were designed and built into the barges as integral parts of the internal structures and projected through the deck at 4 points on each barge.  Each lifting point was fitted with connection points for 2 lifting shackles.  The vessels are constructed with 5 transverse and 1 longitudinal watertight bulkheads.  This subdivision creates 12 watertight compartments accessed by a bolted oval hatch on the side deck.

Vessel Particulars

Names: MLT 2000-1, MLT 2000-2
Built: 2012
Built at : Jiangsu New Yangzi Shipbuilding Co. Ltd., Jiangsu, PRC
Length: 216’
Breadth: 54’
Depth: 10’
Gross Tonnage: 844
Net Tonnage: 253
Construction: Welded steel
Service: Deck cargo barge for coastal service

  • The deck is in new condition.  The deck surface is flat within a tolerance of approximately 1/8″.
  • Each corner of the barge is outfitted with a 42” x 14” fabricated double bollard 20” high with 10” diameter pins with 12“ caps.
  • There are 5 only 30” cast kevel type cleats welded to the deck both port and starboard.
  • Port and starboard outboard forward and starboard outboard aft there are boxes for the installation of “B.C. industry standard” barge lights.
  • The cargo deck is fitted on each side with a bull rail consisting of a plate upstand surmounted by a 3” pipe rail.  All components of this bull rail are double continuously welded.
  • Outboard of the bull rail, both sides of the deck are fitted with vertical square steel posts that carry a galvanized steel rope hand-line for the full length of the cargo deck.