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Skids, flats, boxes, crates, tires, lumber, equipment, perishable items, industrial goods, dangerous goods, fuel, medical necessities, you name it. Have you got a motorcycle to ship? A brand new sofa? An important document? Flowers? A tractor? A power tool? An ATV?  City Transfer is a freight transportation company established for the sole purpose of transporting your goods for YOU.  Damage-free delivery or 100% repair or replacement; performance guarantee.

Integrated and Efficient Truck/Barge Shipping Solutions and Logistics
What sets us apart?  By using a combination of water/land (and sometimes air) vehicle services, we provide the most efficient method of transport within British Columbia’s water-locked communities.

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I am very impressed with your Customer Service team. You are awesome!!

Victoria Kononenko, APPS Cargo Terminals, Delta, BC

News & Updates

February 2, 2016
Business-to-business relationships = people

2016 brought the retirement of Joyce Carlson from the Powell River Peak, and the celebration of Isabelle Southcott on ten years of being in business. Like both these women, City Transfer offers a service that is based on relationships.

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