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Skids, flats, boxes, crates, tires, lumber, equipment, perishable items, industrial goods, dangerous goods, fuel, medical necessities, you name it. Have you got a motorcycle to ship? A brand new sofa? An important document? Flowers? A tractor? A power tool? An ATV?  City Transfer is a freight transportation company established for the sole purpose of transporting your goods for YOU.  Damage-free delivery or 100% repair or replacement; performance guarantee.

Integrated and Efficient Truck/Barge Shipping Solutions and Logistics
What sets us apart?  By using a combination of water/land (and sometimes air) vehicle services, we provide the most efficient method of transport within British Columbia’s water-locked communities.

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"At the end of last summer our Auxiliary began using the services of City Transfer to take large shipments of unsaleable clothing, shoes, hats, and purses, etc. for to an exporter in Surrey, B.C. Prior to this we donated these items to other charities, or threw the items into the garbage. We became aware of City Transfer’s offer to transport items to the city free of charge to charities. This was a huge benefit to us and because of their generosity we are able to realize another stream of funding that is used for health care in our community. Thank you for your willingness to help and your support for those of us who volunteer to make Powell River a better place in which to live."
Powell River Health-Care Auxiliary, , Powell River, BC

News & Updates

March 2, 2015
Change Ahead! We’re getting new tractors!

City Transfer is excited to report that in Spring of this year, we will be getting brand new 2015 state-of-the-art tractors to better service your shipping needs.

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